Rent an Air Conditioner

You rent your water heater, why not your air conditioner? Join a growing number of Ottawa homeowners who are enjoying the energy savings of a brand new high efficiency central air conditioner without buying a new system. 

A new cooling system is a major investment into your family’s home comfort. When budgeting for a new system it’s important to think beyond the initial purchase price.  

An air conditioner’s lifetime costs include:

  • Up-front cost of new AC and components, plus installation
  • Cost of required annual inspection and maintenance
  • Cost of any additional parts and labour for repairs or service

Smart Air Econo LrgAvoid Any Unexpected Costs With AC Rental

Save yourself the trouble of unexpected air conditioner costs. For one simple, affordable monthly payment, the Holmes Heating Air Conditioner Rental program includes:

  • Free installation of a new air conditioning system
  • Free repairs including parts, labour, and fast Ottawa emergency AC service
  • Free annual inspection, maintenance, and tune-up
  • Free Holmes protection and priority service
  • Free air conditioner lifetime warranty

Home Comfort Peace of Mind

You will have peace of mind in knowing your air conditioner is being looked after by our TSSA-licensed technicians. If you ever have a problem during the normal use of your system, you won’t pay an extra dime!

With the Holmes Heating AC Rental program your monthly rate is protected for five years. If you decide you want to purchase your air conditioner, we also offer convenient buy-out options.

No Upfront Costs, 100% Coverage for All Repairs and Maintenance

Holmes Heating has taken the worry and high upfront costs out of getting a new high efficiency central air system. With our AC rentals, all repairs and maintenance resulting from normal use are included, so you’ll never have to worry about another repair bill again.

Renting an air conditioner from Holmes Heating is easy, economical, and 100% worry-free. It’s the smart choice.

Rent. It’s Smart. Find out if an AC rental is right for you, call 613-236-8449.

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