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Air qualityMost people already know that an Ottawa duct cleaning service is an effective way to improve the indoor air quality of your home. But did you know it can also help make your furnace and air conditioner more efficient?

Dust, dirt, pollen, and animal dander are pulled into your duct system every time your furnace or air conditioner runs. Over time, these contaminants build up and can make your ducts an ideal breeding ground for mould spores, bacteria, fungus, and mildew.

Our Ottawa duct cleaning experts can remove these contaminants with the state-of-the-art HEPA-AIRE duct cleaning system. In doing so, our duct cleaning service will help you and your family breathe easier.

At the same time, a Holmes Heating duct cleaning will improve the airflow in your ductwork. This reduces the strain on your furnace and air conditioner, which allows these systems to operate more efficiently and lower your energy bills.

Experienced Duct Cleaning Professionals You Can Trust

When choosing a duct cleaner, it’s important to select a company that can service your home’s unique needs. At Holmes Heating, our experienced team has cleaned the ductwork in hundreds of homes across the National Capital Region.

We know Ottawa ductwork. Whether you live in an older home in the Glebe or a newer model in Barrhaven or Kanata, we have the experience to ensure your duct system is free of dirt and dust. Each Holmes Heating duct cleaning comes with a special ductwork examination using both a visual inspection and See-Snake video camera to inspect every corner. We’ll make sure the job is done right.

State-of-the-Art Ottawa Duct Cleaning

Holmes Heating offers competitive duct cleaning prices and so much more. With 15 years of experience, our Ottawa duct cleaners are trained to provide the same level of exceptional service as our heating and cooling professionals.

For more information or to book an appointment, call us at 613-236-8449 or fill out our online form.

How Does the HEPA-AIRE Duct Cleaning System Work?

The portable HEPA-AIRE system cleans your ducts quickly and efficiently with minimal noise and disruption and without causing damage to your walls and carpets. The key components of this system are the HEPA-AIRE power vacuum and AIRE-SWEEP compressor.

First, the power vacuum is connected to your duct system near the furnace. Next, one-inch access holes are drilled into the air ducts and long lengths of air hose with special 360° high-velocity nozzles are connected to the compressor and snaked through the entire duct system, dislodging debris that has accumulated on inner duct surfaces. The vacuum then pulls the dislodged contaminants into its filtration system, which is so efficient that it captures contaminants 1/300th the diameter of a human hair.

Once your duct system has been cleaned, the expert Ottawa duct cleaning technicians at Holmes Heating will reseal all access holes, returning your ducts to "like new" condition.

AllergiesShould I Have an Ottawa Duct Cleaning?

We recommend a duct cleaning for any homeowner, especially if:

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