Read About Indoor Air Quality

Blower wheelTightly sealed homes allow indoor air pollution to build up. But there is something you can do about your air quality.

As odd as it sounds, air pollution can be worse inside your home than outside. Today’s homes are becoming more airtight, and while this saves you money on your heating bills, it also means any air pollutants in your home have a much harder time escaping.

In our well-insulated homes and buildings, we lock in and recirculate pollen, mould, fungi, bacteria, viruses, dust, and mites. We even add to the problem by contributing tobacco, wood or cooking smoke, pet dander, insecticides, toxins emitted from air fresheners, carpets, glues, household cleaners, paints, varnishes, press board furniture, and much more. In fact, we breathe in about 50,000 of these pollution particles with every breath – and we take 20,000 breaths a day!

While we can’t do much about the air quality outside our homes, we can do something about the pollution inside, where we spend the majority of our time.

You can improve your indoor air quality and eliminate airborne particles with a 4” pleated media filter, an electronic air cleaner, or whole-house HEPA filter. A mechanical ventilation system is a must for any well-sealed home. A heat recovery ventilator goes one step further and provides more energy-efficient ventilation by reducing heat loss as outdoor air replaces indoor air. Don’t forget, a regular duct cleaning also helps remove any dust or dirt particles that hide inside your home’s ductwork.

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Save Your Lungs and Your Wallet – Improve Your Ottawa Indoor Air Quality.

Is your aging HVAC equipment causing your home's indoor air quality to suffer? Or is your indoor air quality actually causing damage to your heating and cooling systems?

Both options could be true.

Studies have shown that poor indoor air quality can affect the overall efficiency and life expectancy of HVAC equipment. In fact, poor air filtration can shorten the lifespan of your system by up to seven years!

Did you know that a mere 1/32" of dirt and dust accumulation on the inside vanes of a blower wheel can reduce air flow through your home by up to 30%? A 1/32" accumulation on a coil or heat exchanger can reduce your home heating and cooling efficiency by up to 16%!

Your heating and cooling systems are probably the most expensive appliances in your home – if poor indoor air quality is causing them to run inefficiently, you could be costing yourself hundreds of extra dollars in energy bills.

At Holmes Heating we can help you improve your indoor air quality to boost the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. Contact us today to learn more about our Ottawa air quality solutions. 613-909-7460