Holmes Heating SmartAir Furnace - Plus

SmartAir Plus Furnace

The Smart Air Plus™ Modulating Gas Furnaces equipped with the Comfort Control² System™ are seldom “off” and seldom “on” at 100%.

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Your SmartAir Plus™ Modulating Gas Furnace equipped with the Comfort Control² System™ is so quiet you may never know it’s on. And it’s so frugal with both gas and electricity, that your wallet won’t know it’s on either.

SmartAir Plus Furnace Features:

  • The Comfort Control² System™ provides over 28 on-board diagnostics and fault history codes by detecting system and electrical problems. “Call for Service” alert notification is sent to the thermostat to alert the homeowner of required service.
  • Heat exchanger is constructed of all stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance and thermal fatigue reliability.
  • Two-stage Function: when used with a two-stage thermostat, furnace operates at 40% on first stage, and stages up to 65%, then 100% for second stage.
  • Reduced firing rates, electrically efficient ECM2+ motor, and solid doors provide the ultimate in quiet operation.
  • Seven segment LED for system diagnostics.
  • Two-speed induced draft motor.
  • Optional indoor or outdoor combustion air.
  • Serial Communication Enhanced. When installed with a Serial Communicating Condensing Unit and user interface control.
  • This unit offers 4 or 2 wire installation, auto-configuration, and diagnostic messaging with full communicating capability.
  • Modulating Function: when used with a modulating or communicating thermostat, modulation rate between 40% and 100% of total capacity.
  • Multistage Function: when used with a single-stage thermostat, furnace functions as a three stage furnace operating at 40%, 65% and 100% of total capacity.
  • Low speed constant fan.
  • Diagnostic history for troubleshooting.
  • Direct spark ignition with remote sense.
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