How to Prevent a Carbon Monoxide Buildup in Your Home

To avoid a potentially dangerous carbon monoxide buildup, we recommend the following actions:

  • Regular inspection and maintenance of all fuel-burning appliances, venting systems and chimneys;
  • Check that chimneys and vents are not blocked by bird nests, snow or ice;
  • Ensure your furnace is properly vented when it is installed and that the heat exchangers are not cracked;
  • Consult a Holmes Heating technician before adding a new fuel-burning appliance or making changes to your home’s ventilation system;
  • Never use appliances designed for outdoor use (such as BBQs, lanterns, chainsaws, snowblowers, lawnmowers, etc.) inside a closed area;
  • Open your garage door fully before starting your vehicle;
  • Inform yourself of the dangers of carbon monoxide, be aware of the symptoms of CO poisoning and learn how to properly operate your detector.