The Link Between Indoor Air Quality and Your HVAC Equipment

Is your aging HVAC equipment causing your home's indoor air quality to suffer? Or is your indoor air quality actually causing damage to your heating and cooling systems?

Both options could be true.

Studies have shown that poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can affect the overall efficiency and life expectancy of HVAC equipment -- in fact, poor air filtration can shorten the lifespan of your system by up to 7 years!

In addition, a mere 1/32" of dirt and dust accumulation on the inside vanes of a blower wheel can reduce air flow through your home by up to 30%, while a 1/32" accumulation on a coil or heat exchanger can reduce your home heating and cooling efficiency by up to 16%.

Your HVAC systems are probably the most expensive appliances in your home -- if poor indoor air quality is causing them to run at less than optimal performance, you could be costing yourself hundreds of extra dollars in energy bills.

Based on an article by Caroline David, Five Seasons Comfort / Electro-Air Canada